Inspection and Training Department

  • Receiving and processing all capital payment vouchers forwarded to the treasury by Government Ministries,
  • Departments and Agencies for payment. Making sure that proper documentation is ensured before the voucher is paid
  • Receiving, checking and processing all releases from MDAs to the treasury for payment
  • Ensuring the maintenance of DVEA books in respect of recurrent payments in order to avoid misclassification and over expenditure
  • Keeping share certificates for civil servants. The certificates are release to the beneficiaries based on the confirmation from the Chief Executive of the organisation/MDA concerned that the officer has settled his/her loan
  • Keeping the original APG from reputable banks i.e. in case of major contracts for the purpose of payment of 30% mobilization. When received photocopies of the APGs are sent to the Ministry of Justice for vetting and are released to the contractors on request i.e. when the advance are recovered from their certificates
  • Conducting annual board of survey. Almost all the accounting staff are involved in the exercise
    The Director is among the signatories of all cheques issued by the Treasury
Alh. Adamu Saleh - Director Inspection and Training