Final Accounts Departments

  • Responsible for the preparation of financial statements and final accounts
  • Computation process of final accounts
  • Custody of financial records received from MDAs
  • Financial management of World Bank projects
  • Capture and document World Bank financial transactions
  • Overseing the intergrated financial information system (IFMIS) operation

The Final Accounts Department is charged with the main responsibility of preparing financial reports of the State. It is perhaps the most critical function of the state Accountant General. Traditionally, the department is responsible for collection, collation and analysis of the financial data in the State for the purpose of generating monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports of the State. SPARC's PFM collaborated reform effort with the Ministry has resulted in the introduction of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IPMIS) to enhance accuracy and timeliness of the reports generated in this department. The department relies on monthly returns of financial transactions from all MDAs to generate monthly a financial report for the State.

The department also provides personnel for co-arrangement of all World Bank (WB) projects in the State. It is one of the WB practices to involve benefiting States in the financial management of their project. A project account is appointed within the department for each project. He/she prepares payment vouchers, financial report, the quarterly Financial Monitoring Report (FMR) and ensures that financial transactions on such a project are captured and reported regularly. He/she ensures that all financial transactions on the project pass through the right channel and that proper records are kept. All WB project accounts are manage through the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the department. Some of the current World Bank Projects in the state are: the HIV project, the Fadama III project, the SLOGOR project and NIPEP/GPE.

Alh. Sani Lawan - Director Final Accounts